Do you need to re-evaluate your relationship

Relationships are not easy and very few of us go through life without being challenged by a relationship, or lack of, with someone in our lives.

Just think for a moment about the number of relationships in most people lives:

  • son/daughter
  • brother/sister
  • boyfriend/girlfriend
  • partner
  • wife/husband
  • employee
  • boss
  • mother/father
  • friend
  • mate
  • carer
  • supporter
  • work colleague
  • customer

I’m sure you can think of many more and everyone has the potential to create difficulties and conflict around communication, interpretation, guilt, time, focus, goals etc.

Now, these happen all the time and most of us negotiate the ups and down, misunderstanding and emotions that come with all, or any, of the above most of the time.  It’s called LIFE.  The problem is there are times for most of us when these things add up, become too big or difficult to handle and start to overwhelm us.  It can be for any number of reasons.

For example: two or three bad dating experiences in a row becomes a pattern.  The brain loves patterns so latches onto it and actually try’s to identify the pattern before it’s happened.  Suddenly you believe you are ALWAYS going to have bad experiences.

OR – your partner is working later and later and you convince yourself it’s because they don’t want to be with you.  This makes you withdrawn as you try and work out why but your partner takes it as a sign that they need to provide you with a holiday/new sofa/more luxurious christmas etc. and works even longer hours which is why they started to work longer hours in the first place.  They didn’t tell you because they wanted it to be a surprise!

OR – relationships between you and the boss are going downhill because you disagree on a particular course of action and ever since you told her you feel left out at meetings.  You could be right but it might not be about the disagreement itself but the way you or they heard it being said.

There are similar examples of where relationships at work, home, extended family or friendship groups can be causing you all sorts of difficulties because you have lost perspective or lack of communication.