"Can Cognitive Hypnotherapy help me during pregnancy and childbirth?"

4 one to one sessions + Bonus including a personalised CD for home use

More and more women are asking this question for lots of reasons.  it could be your pregnancy or  you might not have had the experience you expected with a previous baby.  There could be lots of reasons including:

  • Are you a bit anxious about what is or will happen to your body during pregnancy?
  • Are you worried about the birth itself and how you are going to feel or react?
  • Are you questioning yourself about your feelings and emotions and think they might not be the same as other people's?
  • Do you want to feel more in control of the process

My one to one sessions, which can be with the Mum to be or include her birthing partner, are designed to identify the thoughts or feelings worrying you and teach you techniques to deal with them.

I want to help you build the confidence to go through the natural process of having a baby in the best possible way for you to feel at ease, comfortable and relaxed about how you will deal with it all.

There are NHS studies currently in progress to evaluate hypnotherapy and childbirth after reports of less pain, shorter labour and speedier recoveries by women who have been on a course of hypnotherapy designed around pregnancy and childbirth.

What you get:

To help you prepare I offer a 4 session package which will take you through various stages including:

  • Identifying your concerns and how your mind works


  • Learning how to relax and use self hypnosis


  • Understanding Pain control


  • Managing your state of mind


I'll also provide you with some practical resources including:

  • identifying triggers for relaxation


  • affirmations to suit you and your needs


  • a personalised workbook


  • a CD for use at home



I suggest you plan your sessions 7 to 8 weeks before your due date.  This works best for several reasons:

  • We need to work out what you want to achieve and how best to achieve it
  • I need to have a bit of time to write and produce a CD for you to use at home
  • You need time to practice at home.  The more you practice the easier you will find the process
  • We have time to change and adjust to circumstances if needed.

This doesn't mean you can't book sessions with me at other times so if you have any questions around timing please get in touch with me directly via E: liz@thinkingroom.co.uk or T:01786476 778


If you want to find out more and if this approach sound as though it might work for you, why don't you join one of our:

What's That All About Workshop - £17.00

This workshop will look at the way Cognitive Hypnotherapy works and how it can be particularly helpful during pregnancy and childbirth.

The session is designed to be useful for those wanting to know more about how the mind works and how best to prepare for dealing with thoughts and emotions.

Part presentation and part question and answer but all very interactive.

Places are limited to 6 per workshop so book early to secure your place.

Workshops are held at my office in Stirling Business Centre, 3 Whitehouse Road, Springkerse, Stirling, SP7 7SP

Next available dates are:

Saturday 7 October - 10.30 am - 12.00 noon


Wednesday 11 October 5.30 pm - 7.00 pm