Liz McConnell

I want to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself, my training and qualifications and what else I bring to my work as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Coach and Personal Development Trainer.

Quest Institute

I trained as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner at the Quest Institute, Regents College, London, with Trevor and Rebecca Silvester.  Trevor is very well respected in the therapy world and did much to bring professional accreditation to the hypnotherapy profession during his time on the National Council for Hypnotherapy Board. He is a renowned author and is one of the go to experts for many radio and television programmes.  Apart from developing and delivering an amazing training course, Trevor and Rebecca, provided a great deal of professional and personal support over several years as I set up and branched out into my own business.

As a trainer and business consultant, working mostly with not for profit organisations, I had long been interested in how people learn and why they continue to behave in certain ways even when their behaviour is unhelpful.  So, curiosity is what set me off on this road which has allowed me to integrate my training and the skills I built up over a time and use it to work with people in so many different and interesting ways.


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Liz McConnell

I set up my first private practice in Kingston Upon Thames, built up a steady list of clients and continued to run a successful training, personal development and consultancy business focusing on public and charity sectors.  In the early days I actually kept the two quite separate thinking business clients looking for strategic planning, training or team building elements would not have any interest in any of that 'weird mind stuff.' How wrong I was! In fact, so much of my experience and business training has merged with the other professional training that it helped me be a much more effective trainer, coach and consultant.  So eventually, I decided to integrate the whole lot into a business I call Thinking Room.

I moved from London back up to my home country in 2007 and I now work primarily from an office base in Stirling with regular trips to London and elsewhere when required.  Working from Stirling enables clients to reach me from all over Scotland and I take advantage of the great transport links to continue working all over the UK.

I also do lots of work via online meetings through skype and zoom which lets me work with clients all over the world at a time which suits us both.




Part of my professional life spills over into other areas of my life including my volunteer work.  I'm a director of a social enterprise and also offer free and heavily subsidised sessions and training workshops for individuals, charities and other social enterprises personally and through various professional associations.  Just get in touch if you want to know more about this offer.

My family are off exploring their horizons in various areas of the world which gives me enormous flexibility in my life. I don't have set office hours or days and am happy to make an appointment to see people before or after normal working hours or weekends if needed.

I continue to attend professional training and personal development courses to keep me up to date with new thoughts and ideas and there is that darn curiosity which keeps me interested in meeting and hearing from new people and tying to understand why something works with one person but not another.