An opportunity to find the difference that might just make the difference in your life.

I will work with you on those specific issues, problems and difficulites that are stopping you from getting on with or getting the best from your life.

People often wonder what to expect so i’ll take you through a typical first appointment.

During our first contact whether by telephone or e-mail I will ask for a general idea of why you would like to work with me. You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions and go away and think about it before you make an appointment or make an appointment then and there. I try and see new clients within two weeks and if you are flexible I can often see you in within a week.

Your first appointment will usually be slightly longer than any future appointment because it is during this time we deal with paperwork and I get a better idea of what we will be working on together. I’ll ask a few questions and we’ll have a conversation about what you want to achieve.

Hypnotherapy itself is actually a very relaxing experience for most people. The trance state is one we often go into without even realising and is also something you have a great deal of control over and believe it or not, you don’t even have to close your eyes!

So, it’s not all about watching a swinging clock, looking deep into my eyes or me using a funny voice and telling you you’re getting sleepy. You will even have to do some of the work yourself. Each client is different and I will respond to your individual need at all times.

A the end of our session you will always have the opportunity to make another appointment or have time to reflect although there are some circumstances, perhaps weight or relationship isues when we might agree a set number of sessions at the start.