Personal Development is vastly underated as a tool to develop your business, whatever it's size and particularly in the current financial climate.

But, it is well documented, investing in people by offering coaching and personal development training can help both retain staff by creating employee engagement and letting your staff know you value them and also help your bottom line by boosting skills designed to give your staff the confidence and knowledge to build the successful skills and knowledge about to help themselves and the people they work with. Both these elements will impact on your bottom line and create value for money.

There are lots of ways we could work together to enable you and your staff to gain Business Advantage including a new networking opportunity for people who live and work in and around the Stirling area. Details to follow shortly. For now you can take Busines Advantage of the following services already up and running:


working one to one with individuals

Bite-size workshops

usually 1 - 1.5 hours and perfect for slotting into team meetings. These can be targetted at the needs of the team

Bespoke training

you (or we) identify your training needs and I will tailor a 1 or 2 day training session to meet them

Join local training sessions

attend or send one or two staff to a local training session and benefit from having everything on your doorstep without the need to travel to Glasgow or Edinburgh