Thinking Room is now offering a series of personal development training sessions to help you in all areas of your life.

If you want to pick up or brush up skills to help you manage your life at home, work or play our training sessions can help

If you struggle to find time to fit training into your busy schedule our Kickstarter, Lunch and Learn or Train and Go sessions can help

If you want an affordable training option bitesize training is the answer

At only £30.00 per session and lasting an hour and a half you get a specially tailored session which will give you a good basic knowledge of the subjuct and practical ways to incorporate the information into your life. This is aimed at people living and working within the Stirling area so it will also be the perfect place to network and get to know people with similar business or personal interests. If you can spare an extra half hour you can join us for a networking opportunity and you can be part of our new Training Advantage Group



Dates and times will vary so please keep an eye out on the site and through local media etc. to be sure you don't miss something you might be interested in.

Assert Yourself

Coach People

Communication - face to face

Conduct an Appraisal

Handle Difficult People

Giving Effective Feedback


Handle Resistance to Change

Handle Complaints

Manage Conflict