Welcome to the online home of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Personal Development here at Thinking Room in Stirling.

Thinking Room in Stirling, Scotland provides the best confidential and professional Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching and Personal Development support.

We can use expert tools and techniques with Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching sessions to help with any number of problems.

As well as one to one sessions we also offer personal development workshops and accredited training courses which go into more details on topics like stress management, mindfulness or how thinking impacts on your success.  Workshops and training sessions give more time to explore the whys and hows.

“live out your imagination, not your history.” Stephen Covey

So what does Cognitive Hypnotherapy cover?

If you suffer from general issues including stress and anxiety, which can play havoc with your mental and physical health, we can help with that. When phobias and fears get out of control they can stop you having holidays, relaxing with friends and going about your daily business.  We recognise these can have serious consequences and will help you deal with them.

Is your problem with people?  Relationships at home or work need work and this is an area where it can be hard to change what is currently happening.  We’ll work to uncover the issues and create a different future.

Are you looking to banish bad habits which are damaging your health?  Smoking and weight loss fall into these categories and we can help with these issues too.

Sayings can be a bit trite but here are a couple I would like to share with you at this point:

it’s never too late to have a happy childhood


“whether you think you can or you think you can’t, your probably right”

If either of these rings a bell with you, let’s talk.

Issues around confidence, assertiveness, social anxiety are common but no less devastating for those who want to overcome them.  Thinking Room offers various ways for you to get started dealing with the problem.

Where does NLP Come In?

Sportsmen and women and performers often recognise the value of the way we talk to ourselves and how we view the world.  They are able to benefit from our inclusion of NLP techniques which can help people with focus or goal setting, stage fright and hitting the wall.  Sometimes it can be the recognition of unhelpful self talk or way of seeing a problem which can be can make all the difference.  NLP recognises that we all have a unique way a seeing, hearing and feeling which makes the solution to our problem different to other people.

Professional Development

Business people often find they are having difficulties in areas that have never been a problem in the past.  Work/life balance often becomes an issue or an inability to think or plan clearly.  Coaching can be helpful for these issues with clarity around values and goal setting being a particularly helpful starting point.  It’s so difficult to work out what it is that changed on our own and although having a go at positive thinking or pulling yourself together etc. can have some small effect for some of us, it’s not really the answer.  It’s just like being hijacked.  You want to change, you know you should change but something just keeps getting in the way.  A few sessions can really get you back on track.

Have we covered it?

Whatever your issue or problem, it really is worth giving us a call to discuss how we can help.

Sometimes people don’t see the words which exactly describe their situation.  Please don’t let this stop you getting in touch

There really is no reason to wait.  You won’t be pushed into booking anything.  We can even offer a free consultation to let you decide if we are the right solution for you right here, right now.

The Thinking Room Space in Stirling?

The office is ideally situated with excellent road and rail links throughout Stirling and beyond making it easy to get to.  We have a comfortable and cosy private space which is small enough to relax in but large enough for family and group sessions.  We have access to more space to run our workshops or training sessions on site.  This can be in a meeting room which holds up to 12 or a studio, run by Studio 37, at the same address.

Time is also on your side because we always allow extra time for each session and we don’t charge by the hour so if you need a bit more time and space, we can give it.

Because we aim to provide value for money we won’t usually ask you to book sessions in advance.   It could be useful if we have a very specific aim in mind.  Even then it will be in consultation with you.

You will find free onsite parking and a secure office accessed by a simple door entry system.  We have the use of a small kitchen and accessible toilets.

Appointments are always available to suit your lifestyle going from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm on weekdays.  We can offer sessions most weekends too. Remember,  if you don’t see the appointment times you want on the booking page, just ask.  We are happy to be flexible to help meet your requirements.



Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP,  Coaching for Personal Development

Cognitive Hypnotherapy and coaching sessions incorporate NLP and are aimed at the individual who wants to tackle an issue which is getting in the way and stopping them live the life they want to live.  Are any of these problems causing you sleepless nights or unnecessary worry?

  • Stress, anxiety, fear, phobia or bad habit
  • Lacking confidence, need to be more assertive, handle difficult people or create better relationships
  • Stuck and feel like you are living life on a loop with the same issues coming up again and again and again
  • If you want to perform better at work or in your sport
  • lost your zest or sparkle

If they are then please get in touch and see if we can help.  This might just be the right TIME.


Training, coaching, workshops and masterclasses

Keep an eye on the workshop and business advantage pages for up and coming events as we will now be offering these on a regular basis

Get in touch if you want to commission a specific training course for your staff, volunteers or clients.

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Find out more

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Coaching is a great way to work on your personal development in all areas of your life. The aim is usually about getting you from where you are now to where you want to be.


Personal Development

A chance to work on specific areas and learn new skills and techniques to help you.  Personal Development can happen in one to one sessions and in our workshops or training sessions.


Business Advantage

There are lots of ways you and your staff gain Business Advantage by working with Thinking Room.  This  includes a new networking opportunity for people who live and work in and around the Stirling area.